14 Aug 2009

Blag round london

Spent the afternoon running round London taking photos for a work project. Blagged our way into the front windows at CSM for a choice photo-op.

13 Aug 2009

Sunsilk Pitch

Working on a pitch for Sunsilk,
another very late night seems inevitable.

11 Aug 2009

Cadbury's Olympics

Just finished some work for Cadbury's. Made this quick little animation to get them excited about an idea .

10 Aug 2009

Don't Ask

gorilla, dont ask...

5 Aug 2009


Graduated today, : )

3 Aug 2009


Finally got a chance to build and upload a
quick portfolio site over the weekend.

2 Aug 2009

E4 Sting

Submitted an E4 Sting...

2 Jul 2009

Private View - Rag factory

Spend the last two days building our independent graduate show at the Rag Factory, just off of brick lane. Pretty tough, was a lot to do. Tonight's the private view night. Gonna be cool. Just putting the finishing touches onto the class showreel now. Looks like its going to be a busy night, people are already arriving!!>gdi09/danscott

Samsung - The Last Call

Just finished a full 36hrs of solid working in the club Matter at the O2dome for a project for Samsung mobile, The Last Call. Basically a 24hr music disco to promote the European launch of Samsung's BeatDJ music phone. Was involved with the live graphics and site design for this project. Very tired now.

28 Jun 2009

Dan Scott | Vimeo

Just started a Vimeo account. Figured i might as well. Quite like vimeo, way better than youtube.

23 Jun 2009

keeping busy

Just started working at digital agency, Lean Mean Fighting Machine. I worked here on placement for three months last summer, they've just asked me back on a short-term contract to help out with a few things. Should be fun.

5 Jun 2009

Degree Show - Private View

Degree show private view tonight at Grand Parade. Whole show looks really great. Should be a fun night. The shows up for a week.